Carlos Pons Guerra | Choreographer

 TORO: Beauty and the Bull

★★★★ Financial Times

★★★★ The Observer

★★★★ The Stage

★★★★ Dance Tabs

“Extraordinary poignancy” The Observer (Full article)

“Unbound eroticism and dynamite dancing” The Guardian (Full article)

“Sensual and provocative” The Stage (Full article)

“Fascinating” DanceTabs (Full article)

“Dazzling imagery and innovative movement” Financial Times (Full article)

“Highly erotic and spiritual” Dance Europe

“Stylishly staged and superlatively danced” Financial Times

“It’s witty, it’s penetrating, and it’s personal” The Observer

“Luxuriously decadent” The Wonderful World of Dance

“An urgent comment on society” The Stage

“Ultra-stylish, sensorial and sensual” DanceTabs

“Fantastical, camp and beautiful” The Wonderful World of Dance

4TORO, TORO_by Carlos Pons Guerra for DeNada Dance Theatre. Photoby_ Boneshaker Photography.jpg


★★★★ The Stage

"Perverse, sexy and flamboyant" The Observer

"Luridly funny" The Guardian

"Extraordinarily powerful" Dance Europe

"Sensuous precision" The Independent

"Thematically bold, theatrically vivid" Dancing Times

"Audacious, funny, nostalgic" London Evening Standard

"Extreme passion and florid sexuality" The Stage


 Waiting for Pepe- Ballet Hispanico

“A pièce de résistance” Dance Europe

“A profound expression of sexuality thriving” Picture this Post

Waiting for Pepe is full of fascinating dualities that,

like stirring memories, remain to poke at one’s

senses long after they take place.” Dance Europe

Rita- Verve 17

“Curiously subversive” Dance Europe

Rita is probably Pons Guerra’s most satisfying work to date,

confirming his burgeoning reputation” Dance Europe


RUFFLE - Rambert

“In Ruffle, Pons Guerra’s voice strikes with a most distinctive timbre” Dance Europe

“Camp but also imparts feeling; subtle dramatic layers and tension” Donald Hutera

“Competitive and aggressive” Dance Europe

Man to Monk- Mavin Khoo & Sadler’s Wells

“Continuosly moving” The Reviews Hub

“Beautiful in all aspects of its movement and execution” London Theatre


Carlos Pons Guerra

 “He is going to need a bigger theatre. For the moment Carlos Pons Guerra’s creations for DeNada Dance Theatre make their home in pocket-sized venues… Enough for a cast of six, perhaps, but this is a dancemaker with very big ideas, who knows how to flood a stage with dazzling imagery and innovative movement.”

Financial Times

“In the six years since he founded DeNada Dance Theatre, Carlos Pons Guerra has achieved an enviable reputation as a choreographer. His work combines lacerating social comment with outrageous showmanship. It’s witty, it’s penetrating, and it’s personal.” The Observer

"Choreographer Carlos Pons Guerra may be early in his career, but he's arrived with a fully formed sense of artistic identity. His Spanish heritage, steeped in Catholicism, cured ham and songs of the 1950s, collides with explorations of sexuality, gender and copious carnal pleasure. It's a hugely atmospheric recipe."

London Evening Standard

"Pons Guerra is a choreographer of innate intelligence and theatricality, driven instinctively to goad and stimulate the audience." 

Dance Europe

“The dance world is becoming increasingly aware of the talent of choreographer Carlos Pons Guerra. Daring, audacious, sublimely and riotously funny, he has found a style and dancers to match.”

The Stage