Cocomobile // Attakalari



 Choreography: Carlos Pons Guerra

Music: Mason Bates

Duration: 10 mins. 40 Dancers


Cocomobile is a foreigner’s epiphany come about when trying to cross Vittal Mallya Road to reach Cubbon Park in Bangalore.  After watching a group of young ladies in flowing sarees stranded, adrift in a relentless current of traffic, I saw the portrait of the beauty of India, an awe-inspiring whirlwind of colour, sound and technological speed that tenderly environs a heart-felt tradition and humanity as intricately embroidered in the people’s hearts as the minute, golden-threaded details on the women’s sarees. The flock-like movement of autos and bikes, the peaceful stride of the cow, the lazy dogs taking a siesta in the sidewalk, the young hand-holding couples that share complicit smiles all appeared in the studio over the last two months. A playful and passionately dramatic piece, Cocomobile has been inspired by my dancers and an incomparable experience in one of the world’s most wondrous places.  


Carlos Pons