Milo's Hat Trick // Cahoots NI

Cahoots NI in Milo’s Hat Trick. Photography: Melissa Gordon

Milo the Magnificent isn’t magnificent at all. His card trick is hopeless. His rope trick is useless and his hat trick is a total mess! 

Milo has one last chance – to pull a rabbit out of his hat at the next performance – or else! 

With carrot, string and stick, Milo heads for the woods in search of a rabbit. 

Instead he finds a bear, a very talented bear, whose sensational hat trick just might save Milo’s magic act.

Young audiences can expect magic, music and mischief in this delightful adventure from the multi-award winning Cahoots NI, based on the book by Jon Agee, adapted for the stage by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney.

Based on the book: MILO’S HAT TRICK © 2001, 2017 by Jon Agee  Originally published by Hyperion Books for Children Reedition published by Dial Books for Young Readers Used with the permission of Pippin Properties, Inc.

Directed by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney

Choreography by Carlos Pons Guerra

Music by Peter J. Mccauley

Puppetry by Jimmy Grimes

Lyrics by Hugh W. Brown

Design by Sabrine Dargent.

Duration: 55 mins

Premiered March 2019 at the Market Place Theatre, Armagh, Northern Ireland

Toured Northern Ireland spring 2019.

Carlos Pons