Ruffle // Rambert

Rambert in Ruffle. Photography: Benedict Johnson


Choreography: Carlos Pons Guerra

Music: Caetano Veloso, Fred Buscaglione, Los Panchos

Costume: Ryan Dawson Laight

Duration: 10 minutes

“A curious fact about cockfights is that a combat only ends when one bird is killed or critically injured. Very much like gladiators in Ancient Rome, who would enter the arena and fight to the death, knowing that one of them had to die- morituri te salutant. I found this morbidly and beautifully poetic, and very symbolic of many of our romantic relationships. These notions of fighting are what inspired Ruffle: when our bedrooms become cockpits or arenas, and only one of us can get out barely alive.”

                                                                        Carlos Pons Guerra, choreographer

“Extraordinarily powerful” Dance Europe

Ruffle is a co-commission by Rambert and The Lowry as part of The Future, an evening of new choreography by Rambert dancers and guest choreographers.

Premiered at The lowry, manchester, AUTUMN 2015.

Toured internationally to dance and music festivals across the UK and Europe

Carlos Pons