Young Man! // DeNada

DeNada Dance Theatre in Young Man!. Photography by Maria Falconer and Emma Kauldhar

Young Man!

A Tale of Ham and Passion

Choreography: Carlos Pons Guerra

Music: Lolita Sevilla; Los Brincos; Lucho Gatica; Marife de Triana

Design: Ryan Dawson Laight and Lewis Edwards

Lighting: Barnaby Booth

Duration: 15 minutes

Inspired by Roland Petit's ballet, Le Jeune Homme et la Mort, this duel of seduction puts the figure of the Spanish macho to the test, delving into the fatality of innate passions.

“Luridly funny” The Observer

“Highly entertaining” Dance Europe

Premiered at The Place, London, February 2013.

Carlos Pons