Penguins // Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Cahoots NI in Penguins. Photography: Robert Day

Penguins is a delightful new theatre production for young audiences. This co-production between Cahoots NI, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Prime Theatre is based on the true story of Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins who lived at New York’s Central Zoo; together they hatched an abandoned egg and raised a chick.

Join us for a warm and engaging story about friendship, acceptance and the ever-changing definition of what makes a family. Featuring original music, dance and magic, this is a unique experience not to be missed.


Directed by Paul Mc Eneaney

Choreography: Carlos Pons Guerra

Music: Garth McGonaghie

Design: Sabine Dargent

Duration: 45 mins

Premiered at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, January 2018

Toured the UK and Ireland through spring/summer 2018

Carlos Pons